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California Update – Dogs Brought Back from the Brink

For the American Humane Rescue team on the ground in Butte County, the days have taken on a rhythm. Caring for animals impacted by the fire requires around-the-clock care and attention. Dogs must be walked, kennels sanitized, meals eaten and, above all else, the animals must be loved.

It is in the cracks of the schedule – the extra time spent with a particularly energetic puppy or the first purr from a traumatized cat – that the responders in Oroville find the most meaning. A few days ago, we shared that Bosco, a recently rescued dog, had begun to take the first steps towards his recovery. We are happy to report that every day Bosco is healing, learning to trust and regaining his playful spark.

American Humane’s Amber Batteiger with a newly hopeful Bosco.

We do not know what horrors he and his sister, who we’ve taken to calling Dakota, witnessed before they were rescued. We only know what we have been able to observe – their behavior at the shelter. After being brought in, both dogs were terrified – they didn’t want to be walked, they didn’t want to eat and they didn’t seem to have much hope for life.

We are overjoyed to announced that Dakota is taking after Bosco and, after diligent care and love, has taken her first walk in a week. For days she refused to move and cowered in fear, but after several days of love from American Humane first responders, she is finally learning to trust.

Dakota in her kennel.

American Humane responder Corie, who has deployed countless times with our Rescue team, took a particular interest in Dakota, making it her mission to bring this dog back from the brink. Seeing the life return to Dakota’s eyes and the change in her demeanor makes the 14 hours days worth the toil.

American Humane responder Corie with the reinvigorated Dakota.

Donations allow responders like Corie to help dogs like Dakota. They provide essential food, shelter and medicine to animals impacted by natural disasters across the country. If you can, please consider making a donation today to help American Humane improve the lives of animals around the world.

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