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Animals Recover in Aftermath of Devastating Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian barreled into Florida and left in its wake a staggering scale of damage and destruction. Ian is reported to be one of Florida’s most deadly hurricanes, with the death toll at more than 100. Tragically, humans weren’t the only victims. Exactly one week ago, the American Humane Rescue team arrived in Arcadia, DeSoto County, Florida, to help the animal victims and assist with time-sensitive water search and rescue operations, under Code 3 Associates and alongside ASAR Training and Response.

“American Humane is always ready to help both animals and people impacted by catastrophic, natural disasters like this one. Our team will be working tirelessly to do everything it can to rescue the precious animals caught in the wake of this destruction and help the resilient people of Florida come back from this stronger than ever.” – Dr. Robin Ganzert, president and CEO of American Humane.

Over the past week, our courageous rescue team assisted with search-and-rescue water missions, relocated animals impacted by this disaster to a shelter, distributed donated pet food to the affected community, provided urgent veterinary care to farm animals, reunited pets with their owners, and continues to assess local community needs. Here are a few highlights:

Our first responders helped beautiful horses who were found in waste deep water and ensured they, and their goat friends, had clean food and water daily until they were safe on dry ground.

The team rescued cows who were stranded in the floods and led them to safety.

Animal wellness checks were conducted, and we provided much needed food and water to animals who were separated from their beloved owners, including horse Princess and chicken Rose pictured here.

Our first responders carried Pixy the pot-bellied pig through the flood waters to dry ground.

We are so grateful to all our volunteers and donors who are helping make these rescue efforts possible in the aftermath of devastating Hurricane Ian. Thank you for your generous support – and for helping these poor animals at such a critical time. Their lives depend on you being on their side.

If you live in an area vulnerable to Hurricane Ian, please visit for lifesaving tips on keeping your pets and family safe.

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