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American Humane Rescue Team Provides Hope in Wake of Hurricane Ian

Soon after the tragic destruction of Hurricane Ian devastated southwest Florida, the American Humane Rescue Team jumped into action on the ground. Mobilizing to DeSoto County, the team spent a week in the area helping both local animals and people recover in the storm’s wake.

American Humane, under Code 3 Associates and alongside ASAR Training and Response, completed water search and rescue operations, helping feed and water animals stranded by the storm, including a chicken, horse, and goats. Our responders performed wellness checks on multiple residences and helped a local Floridian feed his pride and joys: Princess the horse and Rose the chicken. The resident was tearfully appreciative of American Humane’s efforts to travel hours to help provide sustenance for his trapped animals and assess their condition until floodwaters receded.

Local residents were also thankful for the Rescue Team’s efforts to help distribute pet food and supplies for a variety of animals. As Princess and Rose prove, it isn’t just dogs and cats who get caught in the mayhem of natural disasters. Animals like cows, goats, and even pot-bellied pigs like Pixie, who we rescued, need help when stuck in brutal storms.

In-between assisting with search-and-rescue water missions, distributing donated pet food to the affected community and reuniting pets with their owners, the rescue team also found time to meet with Congressman Scott Franklin, who came out to visit with American Humane, ASAR Training and Response and Code 3 Associates. The Rescue Team briefed Rep. Franklin on what all it was doing in the field and the congressman thanked American Humane for its tireless and courageous efforts on the ground.

We are extremely grateful to all our volunteers and donors who help make these rescue efforts possible. These animals and the people who love them depend on your generous support.

To donate to the Rescue Team’s mission, please click here.

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