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American Hero Dog – Cody

Law enforcement officers across the country rely on K-9s to keep the communities they serve safe. These courageous pups aid officers in sniffing out narcotics and explosives, tracking criminals and securing large venues for the public.

K-9 Cody, a German Shepherd trained in explosive detection, has a storied career of keeping people safe. She began working in Iraq where she protected U.S. Embassy personnel before she was transferred stateside to the Mall of America. Cody is now based out of Virginia and helps safeguard such places as Busch Gardens and events for the LPGA, NBA and the 4th of July Parade in Bristol, Rhode Island.

Throughout her career, Cody has stood out as an excellent working dog, pairing her innate gift to detect explosives with her calm and loving demeanor. Once, while working at an amusement park, another working dog bit a young girl, who began crying, clearly traumatized by the event. Sensing her distress, security personnel called in Cody, who immediately walked over and licked the little girl’s hand before laying down at her feet. Almost immediately, the girl stopped crying and was able to smile and enjoy the day with her family.

In her off time, Cody can be found at demonstrations and events at local schools, churches, and festivals. Cody loves people, and always invites petting and ear scratches from new friends.

Recognizing Cody’s outstanding track record of keeping Americans safe both aboard and here at home, American Humane has named K-9 Cody our 2020 Law Enforcement Hero Dog. She’s up against six other finalists for the title of America’s top dog. You can vote for Cody to be the 2020 American Hero Dog at

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