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Pet Meets Baby

This special resource from American Humane helps new and expectant parents and caregivers introduce their infants and children to their pets — and their pets to new infants and children — safely and confidently.

Pet Meets Baby is packed with helpful, easy-to-follow tips on everything you need to know to:

  • Prepare your home and your pets’ environment
  • Ensure appropriate pet behavior
  • Arrange a happy and safe introductory meeting between pets and children
  • Raise kids around pets
  • Understand health and disease concerns

“Introducing a new baby to your family pet can be a beautiful thing — the bond that can develop between children and their pets is priceless if it is built on safe practices, mutual respect and love. Pet Meets Baby is a great resource I recommend to my clients, to make sure they know what to expect and how best to minimize the risks associated with introducing new family members — whether they have four legs or two.”

Victoria Stillwell of “It’s Me or the Dog”

Benefits of Pets

Companion animals play a special role in our lives, and children raised with pets often have:

  • Higher self-esteem and self-confidence
  • More trusting relationships with others
  • Improved non-verbal communication skills

Children and pets — keep them together!

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