Play it Safeā„¢ Month

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What Parents/Caregivers CAN DO To Reduce the Risk

Separations During Activities/Outings

It happens. Children get separated from their parents/caregivers – at the park, in the store, at the mall, at the amusement park, in the campground, at the playground – and everyone involved is scared. 

Here are some practical tips along with a NEW iPHone app called LOST KIDZ to help reduce the risk and mobilize more people to help in an immediate search!

  • DO teach your child his/her full name, your full name and phone numbers where age appropriate
  • DO consider an identification alert with parent name and phone number for your child to wear or carry in a pocket
  • DO coach your child to stay close to you while shopping or playing
  • DO develop a plan with your child for each outing especially where there are likely to be crowds of other people
  • DO include in your plan looking at a map of the area ahead of time and marking first aid stations or “help/information” booths
  • DO arrange a meeting place ahead of time should you and your child become separated –  age appropriate
  • DO coach your child to stay put (if younger and unable to manage a meeting place) and ask for help from someone wearing a name tag if such a person is nearby
  • DO immediately notify personnel (store manager/security officer) if your child is lost in a store, mall, park or campground
  • DO consider dressing your child in bright colors and matching shirts or symbols for easy description and spotting
  • DO consider attaching a bright balloon or flag to any strollers for easy spotting and identification
  • DO bring a picture of your family including your child – consider a digital picture for rapid distribution for assistance when necessary (Lost Kidz)


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