Activities for Grieving Children

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A wonderful and effective way to encourage and allow children to share and experience their emotions is through activities. Arts and crafts, writing, talking or reading are all excellent and positive ways to remember a pet and also work through the grieving process. The following are a few suggestions for activities a child can do alone, with a class or with the entire family.

  • Create a memorial to post on our upcoming kids-only pet loss memorial site. Send your finished memorial to
  • Make a collage, scrapbook or memory book (PDF template) about the pet.
  • Write a story, poem (PDF template), book or song about the pet.
  • Write a letter to the pet.
  • Donate money and supplies or volunteer your time in memory of the pet to a local animal shelter or rescue organization.
  • Plant a garden, tree or flowers in a special spot in memory of the pet.
  • Plan and hold a memorial service for the pet, which may include sharing memories and stories of the pet.
  • Create a picture frame (PDF) for a favorite pet photo.
  • Create and decorate a memory box with your pet’s name to hold special items, such as his or her collar, favorite toy, a photo, etc.
  • Choose a relevant book to read (together or individually).


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