Humane Education Resources

How do we learn the values of compassion, respect and empathy?

Whether you are a parent, an educator or a concerned citizen, this question is critical. The American Humane Association's multi-faceted Humane Education Resources Program can help you answer it.

We believe that one of the best ways to protect children and animals -- and, on a broader scale, create a more humane world -- is through humane education that teaches kindness toward other people, animals and the environment.

See What We Have To Offer!

Pet Meets Baby: A Guide for Families Bringing Children Home to Pets

This free 28-page guide helps parents prepare for a new baby or child in the home while keeping the family pets -- and ensuring the safety of all.


American Humane KIDS: Kids Interacting with Dogs Safely™

This dog-bite prevention program will help teachers of 4- to 7-year-olds meet national mandates for schools and address vital character lessons, while helping reduce the millions of dog-bite incidents affecting children every year. 

Humane Education Resources for Professionals

Downloadable Lesson Plans

American Humane Association is pleased to offer a series of informative, downloadable lesson plans designed to assist educators in incorporating current humane education topics into their everyday curricula.

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