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Be Kind To Animals Week®

In 1915, American Humane Association established the first week in May as Be Kind to Animals Week, a special time to celebrate the bond people have with animals. Nowadays, the week is highlighted by the Be Kind to Animals™ Kid Contest, which recognizes children who go out of their way to promote the humane treatment of animals. Spread the word about being kind to animals -- celebrate the next Be Kind to Animals Week, May 1-7, 2011.

Animal-Assisted Therapy

By training, registering and managing teams of handlers and their therapy animals, American Humane Association provides direct services to children and adults in hospitals, schools, mental health centers and other facilities. Animals can motivate rehabilitation patients to walk again, teach children in special-education classrooms important life skills, facilitate counseling sessions in mental health centers, help children learn to read, and provide residents of long-term care facilities with mental stimulation, physiological benefits and unconditional acceptance. American Humane Association applies the power of the human-animal bond to provide motivational, educational and recreational interactions that enhance the lives of people of all types and all ages.

Humane Education Resources

Humane education spreads the seeds of empathy and kindness to people of all ages, providing valuable lessons that last a lifetime and spurring actions that create a more humane world for people and animals alike. Our humane education efforts include developing classroom curricula that emphasize character development and community involvement, conducting workshops on proper animal handling and care, and providing training that helps educators weave humane lessons into their courses to nurture attitudes of compassion and respect for other beings.

Animal Behavior & Training

ABRIonline is your free resource for all companion animal behavior and training. Featuring over 100 leading experts, you’ll learn how to manage undesired barking or jumping up, litter box issues, aggression, and much more. Learn techniques you can use with your clients — in the home, in the shelter, in the animal clinic or anywhere behavior is an issue.

Service Dogs for Veterans

Humans and animals have always shared a powerful bond—one that has been a source of solace, relief and inspiration for those who suffer from physical or emotional pain. We know from years of experience that the human-animal bond is a source of powerful healing, whether they are children suffering from cancer or military men and women who have suffered the stress of battle. Service dogs, in particular, are an amazing, positive resource for assisting our nation’s best and bravest though their physical pain and mental anguish.

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