Resources for Veterinary Professionals

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American Humane Association’s humane education resources help veterinary professionals serve their communities by providing vital information on animal care, behavior and training to their clients, including:

American Humane KIDS: Kids Interacting with Dogs Safely™
A dog-bite prevention program that teaches young children a safe and empathetic approach to interacting with dogs.

Pet Meets Baby: A Guide for Families Bringing Children Home to Pets
This guide helps parents prepare for a new baby or child in a home with pets while ensuring the safety of all.

Be Kind to Animals Week®
American Humane Association's annual event that celebrates the role animals play in our lives, promotes ways to treat them humanely and encourages others — especially children — to create a better world for animals.

American Humane Association has the programs and resources you need to enhance your career in veterinary medicine. Here are just a few:

Veterinarians across the nation are streaming pet-related news and information to clients in their waiting rooms with a popular service called PetTales.TV. Marie Suthers McCabe, D.V.M., is American Humane Association’s vice president of Humane Education and Veterinary Outreach and the “veterinary voice” of PetTales. TV. Dr. McCabe shares her expertise with pet owners in informative videos on pet health, behavior and safety, while emphasizing the importance of regular veterinary care for all pets.

Animal Behavior Resources Institute
A free online resource for veterinary professionals
ABRIonline is your free resource for all companion animal behavior and training. Featuring over 100 leading experts, you’ll learn how to manage undesired barking or jumping up, litter box issues, aggression, and much more. Learn techniques you can use with your clients — in the home, in the shelter, in the animal clinic or anywhere behavior is an issue.

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