Safe Handling of Cats and Dogs

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Get the knowledge and skills to safely handle cats and dogs in highly stressful environments. Learn how to spot dangerous situations before they occur, read feline and canine communication, use tools of the trade and stay safe. Improve safety, reduce stress among your animals and reduce the risk of injury.

90-minute presentation

This training is designed for animal professionals who work directly with companion animals in potentially stressful situations, such as in shelters, veterinary clinics and animal control. Learn how to read canine and feline body language, prepare for the unexpected and reduce the chances of escaped animals and human injury. See the latest in capture and control equipment and learn proven techniques for safe animal handing in the most pressure-packed situations.

Half-day workshop

This is an in-depth, interactive version of the 90-minute presentation. Learn more about canine and feline communication, as well as tools of the trade and how to use them. Also, develop techniques for safe restraint and defensive animal handling. Audience participation is encouraged. No live animals will be used.

Full-Day, In-House Training

This workshop is a personalized, hands-on training for staff and volunteers in clinics or shelters. The day begins with the half-day workshop and is followed by hands-on training utilizing your tools, your facility and your animals. Learn simple ways to improve safety, reduce stress among animals and recognize the important things you are already doing well. The day ends with discussion and Q&A. Resources are provided.

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90-minute presentation: $170 for members ($200 for non-members)
Half-day workshop: $318 for members($375 for non-members)
Full-Day, In-House Training: $595 for members ($700 for non-members)

Tuition fees are per session (not per person), and include handouts and materials for up to 50 participants. Additional fees may apply for larger audiences.

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