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American Humane Gives $12,250 Emergency Grant to Tipton Treasures/PAWS New England in Millington, Tenn., to Rebuild Sanctuary After Flood

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The American Humane Association presented Tipton Treasures/PAWS New England, Inc., in Millington, Tenn., with a $12,250 grant to help rebuild the sanctuary after it was destroyed in the Loosahatchie River flood on May 1. Sanctuary workers were horrified to wake up to see that the facility was covered in six feet of water and dogs were floating on dog houses and wooden flooring. Amazingly all 43 dogs living in the sanctuary at the time of the flood were rescued, but all of the dogs’ housing was destroyed. Also, the sanctuary, which usually rescues 15-20 dogs a week, cannot currently accept new animals.

Tipton Treasures/PAWS New England is an all-breed dog rescue group in Rhode Island that rescues dogs from animal shelters in Tennessee that have high euthanasia rates, and brings them to their sanctuary (Tipton Treasures) in Millington, Tenn., where they have medical and behavior checkups. They are then transported to pre-arranged foster homes or forever homes in the New England area.

“I assumed it would take months of fundraising to get back up and running,” said Kelly Parker, co-founder and vice president of Tipton Treasures/PAWS New England. “This grant really helps put us back on track and is going to cover half of our expenses. It is impossible to express how grateful I am to American Humane.”

“It is our commitment to support local shelters, especially when disasters strike,” said Debrah Schnackenberg, vice president of American Humane’s Animal Programs. “We look forward to seeing the sanctuary rebuild so Tipton Treasures/PAWS New England can continue their vital rescue work.”

American Humane is currently seeking additional funds for this crucial grant program, and will continue to make Animal Emergency Services grants available based on resources and the generosity of its donors. Learn more about how to donate directly to American Humane’s Animal Emergency Services online at, and help shelters like Tipton Treasures/PAWS New England rebuild when disasters strike.

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