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Humane Intervention

American Humane Association works in association with American first responders, emergency managers, civic leaders, animal protection advocates, healthcare providers and families to prepare for and cope with disasters and crises. Thank you for your interest in training opportunities at American Humane Association. We take a great deal of pride in our training courses. It is our commitment to provide the highest quality education in the nation as it relates to the courses we have to offer.

Our Programs

Red Star® Rescue

Red Star Animal-Assisted therapy

In 1916, American Humane Association accepted an invitation from the War Department to help animals used by the U.S. Army during WWI. With the acceptance of that invitation, the American Red Star® Animal Relief Program was born.

Today, the Red Star rescue team responds to natural and/or man-made disasters, including animal cruelty, to assist animals and communities in crisis.

The team consists of a national network of professionally trained staff and volunteers. An 82-foot mobile command center — fully equipped for both animal rescue and veterinary services — is the centerpiece of a fleet of boats and vehicles ready to deploy anywhere in the country on a moment's notice.

Proud Sponsor of American Humane Association Red Star Animal Emergency Services


American Humane Association has teamed up with The Weather Channel and mobiPET to offer a free photo amber alert for missing pets. Just click on and read about this new pet rescue service. If you choose one of the two premium service offerings, 10% of the revenue will go to American Humane Association. If you have not registered and your pet goes missing, choose the Lost a Pet offering, 40% of the revenue will go to American Humane Association. Just enter the code "AHA" in the “referred by” box.

mobiPET has also joined with American Humane Association in supporting their Red Star® Rescue program to help save pets and reunite them with their owners following disasters.

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Red Star® Animal-Assisted Therapy

Red Star Animal-Assisted therapy

One of American Humane Association’s most prominent programs is Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT), which uses the therapeutic powers of trained animals to help those in need, including children suffering with cancer, military personnel and families, and abuse victims. American Humane Association is a national leader in advancing the safe, humane and effective practice of this modality nationwide to benefit our nation’s most vulnerable. American Humane Association staff includes internationally recognized experts in AAT and a key area of focus is the development of research and scientific outcomes to demonstrate the positive impact that animals can have on human health.

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Red Star® Training

Red Star Training

American Humane Association takes a great deal of pride in our training courses. It is our commitment to provide the highest quality education in the nation as it relates to the courses we have to offer. One of the important ways American Humane helps protect animals is by educating and training people how to provide the best animal care possible. Throughout the year, we travel across the country training animal welfare professionals and people who love animals wanting to make a difference in their well-being.

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Second Chance® Fund and Meacham Foundation Memorial Grants

Red Star Training

Millions of animals are abused and neglected each year and many of them end up in animal shelters. While caring for these animals, local shelters are forced to cover the medical costs to treat them. As a result, the organizations can accrue extremely high – and sometimes overwhelming – medical bills. If the shelter cannot afford the cost, the suffering animal may be euthanized.

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