Adoption Tax Credit

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For Families that adopted a child or want to, a Federal Tax Credit can help you.

If you adopted a child you may qualify for a federal tax credit when you file your 2011 tax returns by April 15. This credit is open to all adoptive families; the rules about how to apply vary based on the type of adoption completed. The great news is if you adopted a child in 2011 from foster care and your child is considered "special needs" (most children in foster care) then you can qualify for a tax credit of $13,360, even if you have no upfront adoption expenses. The tax credit was made refundable for 2010 and 2011 meaning you still get a refund to help you raise your child, even if you owe no taxes.

Here is something just as important: Consider adopting a child from foster care this year and receive a credit next year. Today we have over 107,000 children in foster care just waiting to be adopted, waiting to have a forever family. Reach out to some of our friends below to find out more about how to make this happen:

Learn about children waiting for a family:

The Information on the tax credit:

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