Practice Cards

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The beauty of the BSC methodology is that it is based upon small practice changes that ultimately grow and spread to transform an entire system. We expect that the lessons learned from the BSC on Safety and Risk Assessments will spread beyond these 21 teams; therefore, this report includes “practice cards” with successful practice change ideas that can be used by workers, supervisors and administrators in their own agency. Use the links below to access these practice cards (PDF format) organized into four categories:

  • Community Partners
  • Family and Youth Engagement
  • Responding to Race, Ethnicity, and Culture
  • Safety and Risk Decisions and Tools

We encourage you to let us know if you have any success with these practice ideas. Please email us at, attention: Stacie Hanson, to provide feedback. Thank you!

Community Partners

Active Collaboration with Law Enforcement (PDF)
Community Collaboration Meetings (PDF)
Community Partners Participating in Team Meetings (PDF)
Defining Safety and Risk with Community Partners (PDF)
Educating Communities about Safety Networks (PDF)
GAL Partnership and Attendance at Agency Meetings (PDF)
Holding Team Meetings at Community Organizations (PDF)
Specialized Staff for Military Families (PDF)

Family and Youth Engagement

Call Before You Knock (PDF)
Early Transparencies with Families (PDF)
Engage Families During Assessment and Case Planning (PDF)
Engaging Fathers Initiative (PDF)
Family Meeting Preparation (PDF)
Third-Party Supervised Visits (PDF)
Parent Partner Program (PDF)
Early Family Meetings (PDF)

Responding to Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

Cultural Brokers/Advocates (PDF)
Discuss Race, Ethnicity, and Culture with Families (PDF)
Incorporating Traditional Tribal Values (PDF)
Ask Families How They Culturally Identify (PDF)

Safety and Risk Decisions and Tools

Communicating Safety vs. Risk (PDF)
Completing Assessment Tools With the Family (PDF)
Defining Safety and Risk (PDF)
Engagement of Children in Safety Planning (PDF)
Enhanced Risk Assessment Tool (PDF)
Family Strengths Questions at Point of Referral (PDF)
Immediate and Written Safety Plan (PDF)
Interviewing Collateral Contacts (PDF)

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