Safety & Risk Assessments

Are kids safe?

While there are ideas about the “best” way to assess children’s current safety and future risk of harm, the way it’s done in practice can sometimes be quite different. That’s why American Humane Association, in partnership with Casey Family Programs, worked with 21 child welfare agencies to study and improve the decisions child welfare workers make regarding children’s safety and future risk of abuse or neglect. It is our hope that the successful changes realized by the participating child welfare teams will help other agencies improve how they work with families to keep kids safe!

Practice Cards

The beauty of the BSC methodology is that it is based upon small practice changes that ultimately grow and spread to transform an entire system. We expect that the lessons learned from the BSC on Safety and Risk Assessments will spread beyond these 21 teams; therefore, this report includes “practice cards” with successful practice change ideas that can be used by workers, supervisors and administrators in their own agency.

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Volume 1, Issue 14

August 2009
Volume 1, Issue 13
July 2009
Volume 1, Issue 12
June 2009
Volume 1, Issue 11
May 2009

Read the final report (PDF) of the Breakthrough Series Collaborative on Safety and Risk Assessments.


The Breakthrough Series Collaborative leadership was a diverse group of experts with experience, knowledge and passion for their work.

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