Materials on Father Involvement


Building Opportunities, Enforcing Obligations : Implementation and Interim Impacts of Parents' Fair Share.

Doolittle, Fred. Knox, Virginia. Miller, Cynthia. Rowser, Sharon. Annie E. Casey Foundation. Manpower Development and Research Corporation. 1998

This report presents findings from the demonstration-phase implementation of the Parents' Fair Share program, and early impacts on fathers' earnings and child support payments. In exchange for current and future cooperation with the child support system, a partnership of local organizations offered fathers services designed to help them find better jobs, pay child support, and assume a more paternal role.

Intergenerational Learning : A Review of the Literature.

Gadsen, Vivian. Hall, Marcia. Annie E. Casey Foundation. National Center on Fathers and Families. Ford Foundation. 1996

Research on intergenerational learning includes a range of studies that focus on the transmission of beliefs and practices and modeling of behaviors from generation to generation. This critical review focuses on the broader issues in intergenerational learning and the multiple, though small, streams of work that examine the impact of fathers' involvement in families. The discussion focuses on four areas: (1) intergenerational and life-course issues that have emerged over the past 25 years; (2) parental influences on children with special emphasis on parenting and grandparenting, parent-child relationships, attitudes and beliefs, divorce, and status attainment; (3) unhealthy families; and (4) racial and cultural issues. The review concludes by focusing on the limitations and inherent constraints in examining issues on fathers and by offering recommendations for research, practice, and policy analyses that might expand the discourse(s) in the field on questions about culture, the impact of divorce, and the complementary role of mothers and fathers in children's development.

Noncustodial Parents : What's Next in Wisconsin? : Strengthening Families Through Work Opportunities.

Hein, Jay F. Hudson Institute, Welfare Policy Center. 2001

Fathers Matter: What Community Foundations Can Do.

Levine, James A. Pitt, Edward W. Annie E. Casey Foundation. The Coalition of Community Foundations for Youth. 1998

The potential of fathers to improve the health and welfare of children and families has emerged as a major social and political issue. This publication explains why fathers are so important in achieving good outcomes for children and families and what community foundations can do to stimulate and sustain the inclusion of fathers in the delivery of family and children's services.

Facts on Kids in South Dakota : Families and Fathers.

Annie E. Casey Foundation. South Dakota KIDS COUNT. 2002

This fact sheet is the ninth in the series of Fact on Kids in South Dakota. Each issue takes a look at the specific indicator of child well-being. The focus on this issue is on families and fathers. To grow up safe and healthily children today needs support from the school, the community and most importantly their family.

Policy and Practice Reform to Engage Non-Resident Fathers in Child Welfare Proceedings (Part 1).


Policy and Practice Reform to Engage Non-Resident Fathers in Child Welfare Proceedings (Part 2).


More About the Dads: Exploring Associations Between Non-resident Father Involvement and Child Welfare Outcomes.


The Status of Non-resident Fathers in Child Welfare.


Fathers and their Families: The Untapped Resource for Children Involved in the Child Welfare System.


Why Non-Custodial Fathers in Child Welfare Proceedings Need Legal Representation – page 18.


Identifying, Interviewing & Intervening: Fathers and the Illinois Child Welfare System.

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