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El Paso County (Colorado Springs, Colo.) and the Center on Fathering

The El Paso County Department of Human Services has been active in fathering programs for 12 years. They work and contract with several of their long-time partners for this project.

The Partners

  • The Center on Fathering, which offers a variety of services for fathers, houses the principal intervention, using the curriculum developed under the non-resident fathers supplemental grant.
  •  Policy Studies Inc provides all child support services (including the diligent search for absent parents and establishing paternity) and houses the Parenting Opportunity Program, which does case management, mediation, dispute resolution, and employment and job readiness services (with Goodwill Industries Opportunity Program).
  • The Community Partnership for Child Development operates through Head Start and offers groups for fathers, activities with children, advice on how to read to kids, parenting classes and a fathers-as-mentors program.
  • The Center for Policy Research in Denver is well-known in Colorado for a number of studies in child welfare, child support, incarceration and other social programs. The center serves as the evaluator of the project.

In addition to the research questions pursued by all sites on the safety, permanency and well-being of children as a result of increased engagement of fathers, the El Paso County collaboration examines the factors which influence a father's decision to participate and the ways in which a father's interaction with various systems can change for the better.

Primary Contact
Ken Sanders

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