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Through a competitive process, the quality improvement center has selected four project sites to fund for model intervention and evaluation of father engagement, and systemic collaboration to strengthen, through father engagement, families with children in the foster care system.

The four project sites are:

The sites are conducting a process and outcome evaluation led by their respective counties’ public child protection agencies, and have established the groundwork for innovative father engagement research. The sites have procedures for locating and contacting non-resident fathers of children in the foster care system, and all have established relationships with community organizations offering support to fathers and promoting paternal responsibility. In accordance with the center’s specifications, when possible, the four sites have male caseworkers make first contact with fathers. A model intervention curriculum consisting of 20 weekly peer-led sessions, developed under a supplemental grant, is provided to all fathers participating in the research project. The sites have assembled an array of community supports to offer fathers assistance as needed (e.g., child support enforcement assistance, legal aid, or career development resources).

Each site has retained an outside evaluator to gather and analyze qualitative data from families, workers and collateral professionals, and quantitative data from administrative sources at several points. Evaluations measure fidelity to the model and process, and the degree to which the proposed interventions successfully promote father engagement. Also, through father engagement, evaluators measure the desired father outcomes of ease of navigating through the child welfare system and the desired child outcomes of safety, permanency and well-being.

The QIC-NRF National Advisory Board
The center’s national advisory board helps guide the project and provides critical perspectives to the examination of issues, field experimentation and dissemination plans.  See who's on the board.

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