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Helping Child Welfare Workers Help Immigrant Families

Immigration has helped define the United States throughout its history, and children represent one of the largest and fastest-growing immigrant populations in the United States. As a result, the child welfare field faces many new issues of practice, policy and research specific to children from immigrant families.

If you are a child welfare worker, you may be seeking resources to help you address these issues and positively impact the lives of children from immigrant families who come to the attention of public child welfare systems.

Progress Through Collaboration

American Humane can help. The resources we’ve developed for you stem from a partnership we forged in 2005 with the Loyola University Chicago Graduate School of Social Work to:

  • Create a transnational forum -- which includes the United States and the countries of origin of migrant families and children -- on the emerging impact of migration on child welfare services
  • Facilitate discussion and relationship-building at the research and policy levels among leaders in child welfare and juvenile court systems, universities and advocacy organizations
  • Open opportunities for transnational dialogues among child protection agencies
  • Focus multi-disciplinary expertise around the country on the intersection of the major policy areas of migration and child welfare

This partnership has enabled us to foster productive discussions and working relationships among advocates (both in child welfare and immigration work), researchers, social work and legal practitioners, and leaders from government and philanthropic institutions.

In addition, we helped form the Migration and Child Welfare National Network, which convenes national leaders to advance work on migration and child welfare.


  • 2005: American Humane forms a partnership with Loyola University School of Social Work
  • July 2006: American Humane and Loyola University convene the first roundtable on issues of migration and child welfare
  • 2007: The Migration and Child Welfare National Network is formed
  • 2008: Second national forum, The Intersection of Immigration and Child Welfare: Emerging Issues and Implications, held in Chicago, Ill., April 1-3
  • 2009: Third national conference, Immigration, Child Welfare and Borders held in San Antonio, Texas, January 26-29

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