Front Porch Project Communities

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The Front Porch Project has been implemented in communities across the country to prevent child abuse and neglect. Below are descriptions of current local partnerships and the sustaining organizations in each community.



Devereux Kids


Devereux Kids is a primary prevention and diversion program of Devereux Florida, which serves more than 13,000 families annually with a variety of services, including community outreach, child welfare services, and abuse and neglect prevention programs. The Devereux Kids programs build the capacity of community residents to become more involved in activities that promote safety and well-being for children by involving parents and community members in training, relationship building and skill development.

Learn more about Devereux Kids and its implementation of the Front Porch Project.

The Parent Child Center of Tulsa


The Parent Child Center of Tulsa is a social service agency that was formed in 1990 as a result of the merger of two United Way agencies: The At-Risk Parent Child Program and Child Abuse Prevention Services (CAPS). The Parent Child Center is dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect through education, treatment and advocacy, providing services to more than 12,000 people each year.

Learn more about The Parent Child Center of Tulsa.

To read more about the Front Porch Project in this community, see the media coverage below:

Family Support & Prevention Service
Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH)


The Family Support & Prevention Service, part of the Oklahoma State Department of Health, has the mission of helping to protect the children of the state and to build stronger Oklahoma families. Programs are designed to not only prevent maltreatment of children, but to promote the health and safety of children and families through public education, multidisciplinary training of professionals with responsibilities for children and families, and funding of family support programs.

Learn more about the OSDH Family Support & Prevention Service.

Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance (PFSA)


Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance is a statewide child abuse prevention program, dedicated to protecting children from abuse by teaching mandated reporters of child abuse how to recognize and report suspected  abuse and neglect, and by providing training and technical assistance to a network of local family support programs on positive parenting techniques. PFSA trains over 7,500 mandated reporters each year, and provides support and education services impacting thousands of Pennsylvania families. PFSA publishes parent education material on a variety of topics, including brochures for parents in recovery from chemical addiction, foster parents, and incarcerated parents, as well as training materials for mandated reporters.

Read more about the PFSA.

To read more about the Front Porch Project in this community, see the media coverage below:


Geminus Community Partners


Geminus Community Partners is a child abuse prevention program providing early intervention services in the homes of children and families. Our mission is to foster strong families and the development of resilient children by providing services which keep families together. Our goal is to assist local communities in shaping their own strategies and developing a range of services based on their resources, needs and cultures. Each family is assessed and provided with an individualized plan of care to address specific needs. Services are made available to families at earlier problem stages before a crisis occurs. We involve community members and agencies directly involved in providing support to families in need and in shaping types of services and support.

Learn more about Geminus Community Partners.

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