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In numerous sites across the country, the Front Porch Project has proven to be an effective vehicle in reinforcing the necessity of personal responsibility and the belief in the "power of one" to make a difference in the lives of children and families.

Local partner agency responsibilities

The Front Porch Project requires a partnership between the local agency and American Humane. Each has key duties and responsibilities that will ensure successful outcomes of the project. American Humane will provide all the materials (e.g., fund development ideas and resources, project management tools, training curricula, handouts, logistic training forms, power point presentations, transparencies), as well as technical assistance in planning for and administering the project. American Humane will deliver all four days of the training and gather data to evaluate the project. The local partner will administer the project and be responsible for the following tasks and activities:

  • Secure funding and manage grants
  • Provide staffing for management of the project
  • Assist in selecting training dates
  • Identify community professionals, leaders, and citizens who might be interested in the training, both as participants and potential trainers
    Invite these individuals to the training
  • Place follow-up telephone calls as the training registration date nears to ensure sufficient registrations
  • Send registration confirmations to those planning to attend the training
  • Locate and secure training sites
  • Arrange for all logistics for the training, including materials for participants, supplies to be available at the training site (e.g., overhead projector, flip charts, pens, paper), food as appropriate, transportation, and child care for attendees if necessary
  • Attend the training (all four days)
  • Send reminder postcards about the second day and Phase II of the training
  • Act as a general point of local contact for participants before, during, and after the trainings

After the trainings, American Humane will be available to provide technical assistance to the agency as it undertakes its role as local participant contact.

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American Humane's Front Porch is featured in a Partner Profile in the DVERT Digest -- the newsletter of the Domestic Violence Enhanced Response Team.
Download it here. (PDF)