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Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention: Together we can help families and children 

All of us can and should be involved in keeping our nation’s children safe from abuse and neglect!

Child Welfare & Migration: Kids between laws and lands 

Did you know nearly one in four U.S. citizen children currently lives with at least one immigrant parent?

Chronic Neglect: Invisible wounds

Many more children experience neglect than physical abuse. We can help!

Differential Response: One size doesn’t fit all

We all know that every family is different. That’s why a cookie-cutter approach in child protection doesn’t always work.

Disparities in Child Welfare: Overrepresented but underserved

Are all children and families treated equally within the child protection system?

Family Group Decision Making: What if it were your family?

Involving extended family members in decisions about children who need protection or care.

Fatherhood Initiative: Bringing back the dads

All too often, deserving fathers are overlooked when children are in need of strong support systems.aa

Policy & Government Affairs: Advocating for children & families

Take a stand on policy and legislation that affect vulnerable children!

Scientific Research & Evaluation: Data-driven decision making

Making sure our programs and initiatives benefit kids and families.

Safety & Risk Assessments: Are kids safe?

Many factors affect child welfare professionals’ decision-making around whether children are safe in their homes.

Training & Professional Development: Helping those who help kids & families

We stand behind child welfare professionals as they work to protect children and strengthen families.

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