The Impact of Power: Exploring Issues of Domestic Violence in FGDM

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Why this training?

Research shows that FGDM can be a safe and effective process when issues of domestic violence are present. However, sometimes communities struggle with FGDM processes in these difficult cases. This two-day training explores issues of power in domestic violence; prepares coordinators to create safety measures for all participants before, during and after the family meeting; and readies community stakeholders to advance FGDM as a way to end family violence.

You will learn how to:

  • Apply FGDM when domestic violence is present
  • Integrate knowledge of domestic violence dynamics into FGDM practice
  • Improve your assessment of the safety and needs of all participants, especially the victims’ and offenders’
  • Address issues of domestic violence and proceed safely with FGDM
  • Become more aware of how domestic violence creates power imbalances in families
  • Reflect on the power that coordinators possess in relation to families
  • Recognize the impact of domestic violence on child witnesses and victims

We work with your agency to personalize trainings to your needs and environment.

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