Cultivating Forever Connections for Youth Through FGDM

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Why this training?

What happens to youth involved with the child welfare system who have been identified as not having any family connections? Unless an adoptive family is found, rarely is an effort made to achieve true permanent connections for these youth. This one-day training will cover how to use the FGDM process to create a plan that achieves permanence through relationships that will carry the youth into adulthood.

You will learn how to:

  • Search diligently to identify significant people in the youth’s life
  • Prepare the youth for his or her direct and active involvement in the diligent family search and FGDM processes
  • Guide all involved parties through an ongoing FGDM process until permanence is achieved
  • Evaluate yourself and your program

We work with your agency to personalize trainings to your needs and environment.

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