Addressing Substance Abuse and Mental Health Challenges in FGDM

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Why this training?

This two-day training will help coordinators safely and effectively engage families with substance abuse issues and/or mental health issues, while simultaneously safeguarding the FGDM process. You will be encouraged to think creatively to accommodate specific family circumstances and needs.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify the impact on FGDM processes of family denial of substance abuse or mental health issues
  • Recognize how mental illness affects FGDM processes
  • Identify the basic dynamics of substance abuse and dual diagnoses and their interplay with FGDM processes
  • Apply creative thinking to situations in which mental health issues affect FGDM processes
  • Assess an individual family’s needs so that specialized presenters may address the specific types of substance abuse affecting the family

We work with your agency to personalize trainings to your needs and environment.

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