Family Group Decision Making Trainings

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The training day is typically eight hours, with a one-hour lunch break and two 15-minute breaks. Trainings use a variety of learning methods, including presentation, small and large group discussion, role-playing and problem-solving exercises.

Beyond the Training

Your training doesn’t stop in the classroom. Once the training is over, our training staff is still available to you for consultation, coaching, technical assistance and follow-up so that you can truly apply and practice what you learned.

We train on the following models or approaches:

  • Family Group Decision Making
  • Family Group Conference
  • Family Conference
  • Family team meeting
  • and others

Learn more about our training, coaching and technical assistance expertise. (PDF)

The Training

Family Group Decision Making: At First Glance

Explain family group decision making to your community.

An Introductory Overview of Family Group Decision Making

Get started with the basics of implementing family group decision making.

Preparation Is Crucial: The Nuances to Coordinating Family Conferences

Learn all the necessary preparations to make family group decision making go well.

The Referring Worker: A Key Role in the FGDM Process

Make sure the referring worker is comfortable with and fully understands his or her role.

Involving Children in FGDM Processes

You can successfully include all children in family group decision making.

The Impact of Power: Exploring Issues of Domestic Violence in FGDM

You can still hold effective family group decision making meetings when domestic violence is a factor.

Addressing Substance Abuse and Mental Health Challenges in FGDM

Learn how to deal with challenging family issues in family group decision making.

Cultivating Forever Connections for Youth Through FGDM

Ensure permanency for unconnected youth through FGDM.

Managing Emotions as an FGDM Coordinator/Facilitator

Learn how to keep your own emotions from getting in the way.

Transforming Conflict Into Partnership in the FGDM Process

Don’t let family conflict derail family group decision making.

We work with your agency to personalize trainings to your needs and environment.

Contact us for information on how to bring training to your area.

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