Fatherhood Trainings

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Father Engagement in the Child Welfare System


Bringing Back the Dads

All too often, dads are absent, isolated and marginalized by child welfare systems’ policies, procedures and practices. It is time for them to be included, engaged and visible. Begin the values- and knowledge-building process to transform your child welfare system to one that honors and engages both moms and dads.

Engaging Non-Resident (or Non-Custodial) Fathers in the Child Welfare Process

For decades, the child welfare system has been criticized for focusing involvement and interventions on mothers and not on fathers and their relatives. Explore effective strategies for engaging dads and their families with both their children and the child welfare system.

Coaching Supervisors to Support the Engagement of Non-Resident Fathers in the Child Welfare Process

Supervisors play a critical role in implementing practice changes within a child welfare agency. Provide supervisors with the tools they need to encourage and inspire caseworkers to actively engage fathers in the lives of their children and with the child welfare system.


To bring any of these trainings to your community or for more information, please contact us.

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