Training & Professional Development

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Helping those who help kids & families

Child welfare workers have an incredibly difficult, yet vitally important job, especially in these changing times. American Humane Association provides training, education and assistance to increase the capacity, knowledge, vitality, and ability of child welfare workers so they can provide the very best support possible to children and families.

Each year, American Humane Association works with hundreds, if not thousands, of child welfare workers, supervisors, administrators and agency stakeholders who work with many more children and families each day. Because of the important and impactful nature of their work, we strive to keep these professionals not only educated, but inspired and encouraged to continuously make a positive impact on the children and families they serve. With ongoing education and skill development in best practices in child protection, child welfare professionals are better able to prevent, respond to and intervene in the abuse and neglect of children; to strengthen and support families and communities; and to improve child welfare systems at the state, county and community levels.

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