Fellows, Scholars & Chair

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Fellows and Senior Fellows in American Humane Association’s Children’s Division are scholars and practitioners who have dedicated their careers to improving the status of children and have made important and foundational contributions related to American Humane Association initiatives in the field of child protection. They are a key resource for American Humane Association and make direct contributions to the organization’s work.

American Humane Association also has Scholars in Residence at the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work, plus the American Humane Endowed Chair at that school has its inaugural occupant.


American Humane Association currently has two Senior Fellows in its Child Protection Research Center: Len Dalgleish, Ph.D., and Patricia Schene, Ph.D. Michael Doolan is a Fellow in American Humane Association’s National Center on Family Group Decision Making.

Len Dalgleish, Ph.D.

Dalgleish, appointed in 2009, is professor and chair in decision making in the Department of Nursing and Midwifery at Stirling University in Stirling, Scotland, and program head at HealthQWest, which is a research effort focused on decision making in health care. Learn more about Dr. Dalgleish.


Patricia Schene, Ph.D.

Schene, appointed in 2007, has worked for more than 30 years in the field of child and family services as a state administrator, private agency director, researcher and professor. She resides in Littleton, Colo. Learn more about Dr. Schene.


Michael Doolan

Doolan, appointed in 2006, provides expertise to child welfare and youth justice authorities in U.S. and Canadian communities, and formerly was adjunct senior fellow at the School of Social Work and Human Services at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. Learn more about Michael Doolan.

The American Humane Association Child Protection Research Center, under the direction of John Fluke, Ph.D., focuses on fundamental issues in public child protective services and develops policies and practices to address them. A primary area of attention is improving the assessment and decision-making process within the system, with the goal of making better decisions that, in turn, lead to substantially improved outcomes for children in care.

American Humane Association established the National Center on Family Group Decision Making in 1999 as a vehicle for promoting and supporting family and community involvement and leadership in decision making. This national center provides training and technical assistance, research, and resources to communities implementing the process.

Scholars in Residence

American Humane Association has two Scholars in Residence at the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work in Colorado. They are Myles Edwards, Ph.D. and John Fluke, Ph.D. Learn more about our Scholars in Residence at the University of Denver website.

Myles Edwards, Ph.D.


John Fluke, Ph.D.

American Humane Association Endowed Chair

American Humane Association and the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work established the American Humane Association Endowed Chair in 2008 to explore the expanding field of animal-assisted social work and research the bond between people and animals.

Frank R. Ascione, Ph.D.

In October 2009, Frank R. Ascione, Ph.D., of Utah State University became the first person to hold the position. Learn about Dr. Ascione here.

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