Child Protection Research Center

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The mission of the Center is to focus on longstanding questions tied to the improvement of public child protective services through applied research. Center research addresses fundamental issues in child protective services and the development of evidence-based policy and practices to effectively address those issues.


American Humane’s Child Protection Research Center was conceived with the overarching goal of sustained knowledge development leading to improved outcomes for children and families involved in the child protection system.

The overall direction of the Center involves three major strategies:

  • Leadership in conducting research
  • Collaboration with organizations and individuals doing research in areas impacting child protection
  • Communication throughout the field to bring relevant research findings to those who can utilize them to improve policy and practice

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Focus Areas for American Humane's Child Protection Research Center

News Release: American Humane Association and International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect Form Partnership to Improve Child Protective Services Data Programs

American Humane Launches Colorado Disparities Resource Center

The Children’s Division of American Humane, in partnership with the Colorado Department of Human Services, Division of Child Welfare, recently launched the Colorado Disparities Resource Center (CDRC) to address longstanding issues of service disparities in child welfare based on race and ethnicity. Learn more about the CDRC.

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