Presentations From Past Conferences & Events

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2010 Conference

American Humane Association’s 2010 differential response conference took place at the Disney Paradise Pier Hotel in Anaheim, Calif. More than 300 individuals from 24 states, the District of Columbia and Canada gathered to learn, share and network at this event.

Read more about the 2010 conference.

Download 2010 Conference Materials:

It Takes a Community: Visioning a Future for the Child Welfare System presented by Caren Kaplan (PPT)

The Child Welfare Response Continuum presented by Patricia Schene (PPT)

Differential Response 101 presented by Amy Rohm and Brenda Lockwood (PPT)

The Power of Language presented by Ben Tanzer and Lauren Morley (PDF)

Safety and Risk Management – Three Key Case Decisions presented by Barry Salovitz (PPT)

Booklets provided by Pat Stanislaski:

2009 Conference

American Humane Association’s 2009 Conference on Differential Response was held Nov. 11-13, 2009, in Pittsburgh, Pa. The conference was dedicated to administrative, managerial and supervisory considerations related to differential response implementation and sustainability.

Download 2009 Presentations

Setting Up for Success: Coaching Workers Through Differential Response Change (PDF)
Presented by Dan Comer

Promising Practices: Using Safety Focused Framework in Supervision (PDF)
Presented by Paula Davis and Amy Wood

Differential Response and Family Poverty: Evidence from Evaluations (PDF)
Presented by Tony Loman

2008 Conference

We held our third National Conference on Differential Response in Child Welfare in November 2008. More than 450 participants from 24 states and five Canadian provinces attended the event in Columbus, Ohio. Below is a sampling of presentations that were available to participants.

Download 2008 Presentations

Primer on Differential Response: Take Two! (PDF)
Presented by Caren Kaplan, director, Child Protection Reform, American Humane; and Patricia Schene, senior fellow, American Humane

Partnership Based Collaborative Practice in Work with Children, Youth & Families; A Solution and Safety Oriented Approach to Child Protection Case Work (PDF)
Presented by Rob Sawyer and Suzanne Lohrbach

Integrating Domestic Violence & Child Protection Through Differential Response (PDF)
Presented by Rob Sawyer and Suzanne Lohrbach

Myths and Misconceptions about Differential Response (PDF)
Presented by Tony Loman

Engagement, Collaboration and Safety (PDF)
Presented by Brenda Lockwood, David Thompson, Charlotte Hand, Russell Rowenhorst & Susie Staudenmaier

The Six Principles of Partnership; A Foundation for Differential Response (PDF)
Presented by Dan Comer

Partnerships and Pitfalls; Nevada Differential Response Program (PDF)
Presented by Betty Weiser and Daniele Dreitzer


2007 Conference

American Humane Association’s 2007 Conference on Differential Response in Child Welfare was held Nov. 14-16 in Long Beach, Calif. The conference program featured 37 presenters from 10 states and four countries, including New Zealand, England and Ireland. The target areas for the conference included Community Partnerships, Practice with Children and Families, Workforce Issues, Policy Issues, Sustainability, and Research and Evaluation Issues.

Download 2007 Presentations

Practicing for Outcomes: Differential Response Model, New Zealand Style (PPT)
Presented by Dr. Marie Connolly

Getting Started with Differential Response: Fundamentals and First Steps (PDF)
Presented by Caren Kaplan, director of child protection reform at American Humane Association, and Patricia Schene, American Humane Association senior fellow

Alternative Response: What It Is and Why It Works (PDF)
Presented by Caren Kaplan, director of child protection reform at American Humane Association, and Theresa Costello of the National Resource Center for Child Protective Services

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In October 2008, American Humane Association, in partnership with Walter R. McDonald & Associates and the Institute of Applied Research, was selected to receive a federal cooperative agreement totaling nearly $10 million over five years to develop the National Quality Improvement Center on Differential Response in Child Protective Services. The grant was awarded by the Children’s Bureau of the Administration on Children, Youth and Families, which is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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