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American Humane’s Donna L. Parrish Honored by Colorado Association of Family and Children’s Agencies for Her Work Addressing Racial Disparities in Colorado’s Child Welfare System

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On Friday, June 11, the Colorado Association of Family and Children’s Agencies (CAFCA) awarded Donna L. Parrish, director of the Colorado Disparities Resource Center (CDRC) — a joint project of the American Humane Association and the Colorado Department of Human Services — with a member-agency staff award for her work in addressing racial disproportionality and disparities in Colorado’s child welfare system. The award was presented at CAFCA’s annual conference.

The CDRC is dedicated to addressing longstanding issues of service disparities in child welfare based on race and ethnicity. Through the analysis, refinement and dissemination of data, as well as active outreach to communities and key stakeholders, the CDRC has begun to provide an essential tool for Colorado’s child welfare system: increased awareness of the actual levels of disparities, both at the state and county levels. These initial and important steps will continue to inform the work of the center. As the director of the CDRC, Parrish is spearheading these efforts by providing leadership and support to the state of Colorado in developing solutions that respond to the complex causes of inequities for children and families of color in the child welfare system.

“Over the past year, the CDRC has experienced much success, largely due to Donna’s direction and oversight,” said Sonia Velazquez, American Humane’s senior vice president of Child Welfare. “Her leadership is evident in her commitment to excellence in her work and in how she appropriately challenges others to examine their own practice, cultural competence and cultural humility as it relates to their work with children and families.”

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