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American Humane Association Partners With Child Welfare League of Canada

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The American Humane Association and the Child Welfare League of Canada (CWLC) have entered into an affiliation agreement that allows member agencies to share information, access resources and share relationships that will enhance the common goal of providing quality services to vulnerable children, youth and families across North America. 

The agreement recognizes that both organizations are uniquely positioned in their own countries, and that the systems that protect and serve children in North America are similar enough that both Canadian and U.S. professionals can benefit from broadening the base of collaboration. The agreement means that both organizations will collaborate to co-sponsor meetings and other events, cooperate on key projects of mutual interest, conduct joint research and share expertise. There is a growing recognition that the knowledge gained from the experiences of other nations in addressing child protection can benefit children everywhere.

The agreement provides both American Humane and CWLC with increased opportunities to leverage that knowledge not only in North America but in a global context.

“We are very excited about this partnership,” said Sonia Velazquez, senior vice president of Child Welfare Programs for American Humane. “And we could not be more pleased that CWLC’s Executive Director, Peter Dudding, has joined our Chartered Advisory Committee. By working together and sharing resources, we are sure to make very positive impacts on child welfare practices.”

CWLC is equally excited about working with our newest international partner, noted Peter Dudding. “American Humane is conducting impressive work in the fields of knowledge development and management for use in demanding and evidence-based environments.  Together CWLC and American Humane will develop and share resources to produce better outcomes for children and families in North America.”

Tony Diniz, CWLC president, agrees about the benefits of a cross-border partnership. “CWLC members welcome a greater collaboration with American Humane in Canada. They are looking for the most current research evidence and best practices to improve outcomes for children and families. The agreement with American Humane will ensure greater quality resources for Canadian service providers.”

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