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Brought to you in June by American Humane Association


Finding loving homes for felines is a challenge in any season, and never more so than during the spring and summer. We salute shelters and rescue groups for your tireless efforts on behalf of cats and kittens! We’re here to help you promote cat adoptions during Adopt-A-Cat Month in June — and throughout the year — with a wide array of new resources.

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    • Click “Like” if you support American Humane Association’s Adopt-A-Cat Month® in June and consider giving a cat a forever home!
    • From cute, cuddly kittens to mature, mellow cats, your local shelter has the right pet for you. Adopt one in June in honor of American Humane Association’s Adopt-A-Cat Month®.


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    • June = Adopt-A-Cat Month – Give a #feline a forever home! (#AdoptACat) (via @AmericanHumane)
    • Go to your local #animal shelter to take part in June’s Adopt-A-Cat Month! (#AdoptACat) (via @AmericanHumane)


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