Here are some of the cases American Humane has funded:


The Animal Welfare Society
West Kennebunk, Maine

Crackers, a 6-year-old white German shepherd, had a hard life. He was brought to the Animal Welfare Society, based on a court order, because his owner was accused of abusing him. He had suffered a gash on his head that extended down to the bone. His eyes were swollen shut, and he had numerous bruises and cuts throughout his head and body. The shelter treated his extensive surgeries, and the owner surrendered his rights to own the dog. But then Crackers was diagnosed with pneumonia. The shelter made room for Crackers to stay awhile so that the dog could heal properly, have no lingering effects of his injuries, and fully recover from the pneumonia. As this shelter gave Crackers the time and care he needed, they looked to American Humane for assistance through our Second Chance Fund. We were glad to help, and also glad that Crackers has remained incredibly sweet and friendly. The Animal Welfare Society reports that Crackers is eager to learn and will make an excellent companion.

The Animal Advocates
Barnwell, South Carolina

When the call came in about Elvis, a 2-year-old Boxer, investigators found him chained to a tree. According to representatives at The Animal Advocates, he had no shelter, food or water. His “owner” stated that the only way to make the dog obey was to beat him. Investigators understood that the dog’s life was in immediate danger, so they “bought” the dog from the owner and brought him to the shelter. Elvis had suffered from a broken femur, malnutrition, hookworms, coccidiosis and severe anemia. He needed extensive hospitalization and orthopedic surgery, and the costs to treat him quickly added up. American Humane was pleased to issue a check to help The Animal Advocates give Elvis a Second Chance. Elvis has recovered and has been adopted. They say he is a well-mannered dog with an incredibly sweet disposition. The Animal Advocates report that, despite all the pain and suffering he has endured, he is a happy, trusting and gentle dog that has yet to meet a stranger.

Poodle Rescue of New England
Somerville, Massachusetts

Halle and Midnight had been bred so many times, so often, that their backs were permanently swayed and their abdomens drooped unnaturally. Besides being over-bred, they were victims of pure neglect. Halle’s ears were so infected the canals were swollen shut. Midnight had mats as on her ears and face that were so bad that her ears were glued to the side of her head. They had to be cleaned and treated under anesthesia. Their breeder had surrendered Halle and Midnight, along with 21 other dogs, to the Poodle Rescue of New England when it was clear she was going out of business. The rescue took the dogs in and immediately got to work to get them the medical care and treatment they desperately needed, and American Humane helped offset the costs through the Second Chance Fund. The dogs are living in foster care now, looking for permanent homes. We are happy to report that they’re getting the love they deserve, and their “working” days are over.

Tipton Treasures, Inc.
Millington, Tennessee

Emma, the loving Beagle that was featured in an American Humane mailing, is getting stronger every day. Emma had been brutally shot and was desperately trying to pull herself out of a ditch when a fisherman found her. The man brought the dog home, where she spent three nights sleeping under his car. He contacted Tipton Treasures, which immediately sent a volunteer. When Emma saw the worker, she crawled out from under the car, amazingly full of love and wet kisses. The volunteer rushed her to a veterinary hospital to treat her many injuries. The gun shots had left her with both hind legs paralyzed and without bladder or bowel control. She was outfitted with a small cart to help her walk, and special diapers for her incontinence. Through our Second Chance Fund, American Humane stepped in to help cover Emma’s medical expenses. Today, Emma is finding love and happiness with a new owner, who brought Emma to physical therapy twice a week and even converted her own pool to a water therapy center for Emma. This spirited, fun-loving little dog is now able to walk a mile every day on her own!

Rogue Humane Society
Grants Pass, Oregon

When Myracle, a 1-year-old American pit bull, was spotted in a ravine, it was believed she was dead. She was emaciated and had been brutally wrapped in barbed wire, and part of her tongue had been cut off. A passing couple managed to lift Myracle up and bring her to the nearby Rogue Valley Humane Society, where was immediately taken into veterinary care. Her wounds were cleaned and she was put on antibiotics. Clinic workers discovered an infestation of larva in the flesh around her gashed neck. The cost of Myracle’s treatment quickly rose to more than $600. American Humane stepped in and issued a grant through the Second Chance Fund to the Rogue Valley Humane Society to help cover the expenses. The organization recently reported that Myracle has recovered from her ordeal and was adopted into a new family that cherishes her sweet spirit and ability to forgive.


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