Here are some of the cases American Humane has funded:


Lost Paws Rescue of Texas
Carrollton, Texas

It was another beautiful summer day and, as always, spunky 7-year old Freeway was happy to go for a car ride. Then the unthinkable happened: just like that, her owners threw her out the window. Why they would do this is beyond comprehension. Luckily, a kind person witnessed the incident, stopped, picked up Freeway, and took her to the vet. Freeway was in a lot of pain. She had a broken leg and needed surgery immediately. With the help of American Humane’s Second Chance Fund, her little leg was repaired and she was treated for hookworms.Six months of rehabilitation later, Freeway was adopted by a lady who adores her and will protect her forever.

P.A.W.S. of Tinley Park
Tinley Park, Illinois

In the heart of winter, when the wind chill had dropped to minus 25 degrees, nearly 15 dogs were rescued from a barn that was open to the extreme elements. None of the dogs had water or food and all were cowering in the dark, trying their best to stay warm. Maggie was one of those dogs. Her tail was matted to a club-like weight, she was dehydrated and she couldn’t even stand -- she needed immediate medical assistance. Later, it was discovered she also suffered from an abscessed molar. Maggie and others were rescued and brought to P.A.W.S. of Tinley Park, where they were treated with assistance from American Humane’s Second Chance Fund. Maggie was adopted by her foster parents who understand her special needs. She has become a "velcro dog," especially to her new mom, as she likes to stick close. She enjoys her back yard, but is still fearful of sudden changes or movements.

Pickens Animal Rescue
Jasper, Georgia

On February 7, Sebastian woke up in the only environment he had ever known living in feces with 35 other dogs -- some paralyzed, some walking skeletons, some with infections, and some with puppies. He didn’t know that one evening, rescue volunteers would come to save him and his friends. When the volunteers showed up and started loading dogs, Sebastian was wagging his tail -- finally humans were giving him the attention he so desperately needed. Today, the rescue is happy to report that Sebastian and several of his friends, with help from American Humane’s Second Chance Fund, have found their forever homes, and that slowly their bad memories are being replaced with happy dog moments.

Pound Buddies Rescue
Muskegon, Michigan

In the middle of winter, 3-month old Jimmy Jam or “JJ” was kicked out the front door of his home by his owner. A neighbor saw that he was badly injured and took him to the shelter. JJ was brought to a local veterinarian who determined that his rear hip was broken and needed surgery. Shortly after the surgery JJ developed Parvo. He then was admitted to another clinic where staff worked day and night to save his life. According to the rescue, based on JJ’s personality, behavior and medical reports, he will make a full recovery and have a long and happy life. American Humane is pleased to have helped JJ get a Second Chance!

Second Chance Animal Shelter
East Brookfield, Massachusetts

When Dante and Blackie were relinquished by their owners, the dogs could barely move and it was unclear whether they were even alive. They continued to exist only because their little hearts kept beating. When they arrived at Second Chance Animal Shelter, it took several minutes of probing through years of matting and debris before the vets and vet techs could even find their nose, mouth and eyes. Each dog was carrying 27 pounds of fur... on a 20-pound body! Thanks in part to American Humane’s Second Chance Fund, Dante and Blackie were treated and are now safe and sound and ready to gain back their faith in humans. They must literally get used to living in their own bodies again, and their foster family reports that, although skittish, they are very sweet and love being petted.


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