Here are some of the cases American Humane has funded:


Lone Star Boxer Rescue
Houston, Texas

Trey, a lovable white boxer, came to Lone Star Boxer Rescue through a local animal control agency. One of his back legs was broken and severely cut. It appeared that the gash had been caused by a rope caught or tied around his leg. Unfortunately, extensive nerve damage to the leg made amputation the only option for Trey. Trey experienced complications following the first surgery and had to undergo two more procedures before he could begin making a recovery. However, he has since adapted beautifully to the loss of his leg, and hardly seems to notice its absence. Trey was recently adopted by a loving family with another boxer already in the house; the two “siblings” especially enjoy games of tug-o-war. His new owners say that Trey holds his own very well with his technique of lying down on his side and using one of his long front legs to pull on the rope. If he starts to lose the battle, he stands up and pulls back.

Animal Humane Association of New Mexico
Alburquerque, New Mexico

Hopscotch is a true victim of abuse -- he is a tiny Chihuahua, barely filling up the palm of your hand. Hopscotch was “accidentally” shot in the front and rear legs with a shotgun. His owners didn’t do anything for three weeks -- then brought him to the shelter. By that time, his rear leg was necrotic and had to be amputated. American Humane’s Second Chance helped cover Hopscotch’s extensive veterinary treatment. Despite his size and his very difficult recovery, he fought every step of the way to survive. He was adopted by his foster parents and now feels strong and brave enough to stand up to German Shepherds at the dog park.

Animal Humane Association of New Mexico
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Left for dead in a landfill, Baby Boy was trying to survive with a .45 caliber bullet left in his hind leg. A Good Samaritan saw him at the landfill and fed him daily to gain his trust. Ten days later she was able to take him to the shelter. X-rays determined that Baby Boy’s leg was broken but had healed around the bullet, causing a perpetual infection. The vet removed the bullet and treated the infection. Fees for the vet were offset by American Humane’s Second Chance Fund. Wary when he first arrived at the shelter, Baby Boy gradually began to trust people and now races around, plays hard and is extremely personable.

Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue
Jones, Oklahoma

In July 2007, 44 horses were removed from three properties belonging to the same person. Most were severely emaciated, and none had received proper hoof care. They were infested with parasites, had upper respiratory infections, and were covered with rain rot. In the back of the pasture, rescuers found a colt tied to a tree -- he was one of the worst. Despite his horrible condition, the young Appaloosa was determined to live -- so he was named Spirit. With assistance from American Humane’s Second Chance Fund, Spirit was treated for lice and worms, and he had his feet trimmed for the first time in his life. He was later adopted by a wonderful family.

Des Moines County Humane Society
Burlington, Iowa

This big, beautiful stray cat was brought to the shelter after its throat was intentionally slit. He was obviously extremely frightened and in a lot of pain. The shelter promptly took him to the vet clinic, and American Humane’s Second Chance Fund helped offset some of the fees to treat his near-fatal injuries. The cat’s new mom reportedly dreamt the night before -- the incident that a tuxedo cat at the shelter needed her help. Fortunately for this mysterious, nameless cat with a secret past, dreams often come true.


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