Here are some of the cases American Humane has funded:


Lake Shore Animal Shelter
Park Ridge, Illinois

Sabrina, a pit bull terrier mix, was rescued from a large dogfighting ring along with 36 other dogs. She was severely malnourished, suffered from heartworm and had a dislocated kneecap, which caused her to limp. With surgical repair, she will be able to use her leg again. Amazingly, despite her life of abuse and medical neglect, Sabrina’s new caretakers at Lake Shore say she is “a loving, fun-spirited girl.” She is expected to make a full recovery.

Iowa Equine Rescue and Awareness League
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

When officials removed 27 neglected horses from a farm, Malagrosa, an Arabian mare, was left behind. She was not as undernourished as the other horses had been. However, Malagrosa had suffered a traumatic injury to her eye, which resulted in a severe “melting corneal ulcer” and a bad infection in the eye and sinus cavity. Iowa Equine Rescue and Awareness League purchased her from the farm in order to save her life. Malagrosa received almost a month of IV treatments, which saved her eye from having to be removed, but she is now blind in that eye. Malagrosa is now loved and cared for and is adapting well.

Animal Haven
Flushing, New York

Mango’s owners surrendered her to Animal Haven before moving out of the country. The shelter soon discovered the little Pomeranian had critical and extensive dental disease. All of her teeth were rotten and had to be extracted. More seriously, Mango had multiple fractures and a severe bone infection in her lower jaw. Thanks to the Second Chance® Fund, Mango received treatment and is expected to make a full recovery. According to her caretakers, she is happy and sweet, and loves to dance and play. Mango is so irresistible, they expect her to be adopted soon.

Nebraska Humane Society
Omaha, Nebraska

Poor Harley was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Caught in the middle of a domestic dispute, the mixed cattle dog was picked up and thrown against a door by his owner. All the bones in his front left foot were splintered into pieces. Harley was turned over to the Nebraska Humane Society, where he was immediately taken to the animal emergency clinic for evaluation and attention. Later, he was transferred to New Hope Cattle Dog Rescue in Colorado and adopted by a new, loving family. Harley is happy now, and despite suffering such cruelty, he loves and trusts everyone he meets.

Florida Keys Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Inc.
Key West, Florida

Oscar, an adorable schnauzer mix, was cruelly thrown from a moving vehicle. He broke his right front leg when he landed and was in terrible pain. Police officers called to the scene brought Oscar to the Florida Keys SPCA, where other health problems were soon discovered. An old injury to his vertebrae had never healed properly, his coat was infested with fleas and he had heartworm. When shelter workers tracked down Oscar’s owners, they learned that he had lived for the past seven years as an “outside” dog, receiving little to no companionship from his owners. He initially seemed unsure how to respond to affection. However, at the shelter, his sweet disposition quickly emerged. After receiving the surgery and loving care he needed, Oscar’s injuries healed. He has since embraced life in a new, loving home


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