Here are some of the cases American Humane has funded:


Colorado Canine Rescue
Englewood, Colorado

Uno was hit by a car and left for dead in a small rural town. Many people swerved to avoid him, but fortunately one amazing person stopped to help him. Uno suffered a broken hip, broken right scapula and severe nerve damage to his right front leg (which may need amputation). Pins were placed in his hip and scapula and might need to be surgically removed as he grows. Uno’s owners never came forward to claim him and Colorado Canine rescue was asked to take him in. Despite deeply discounted orthopedic surgery and after care, the bills were still extraordinarily high. American Humane Association’s Second Chance Fund contributed to the care and future of Uno by donating much needed funds. Despite intense pain, Uno remains sweet and loving. He longs to be around his human foster family and wiggles his way across the room just to be near them. He loves all people and animals and he just wants to be healthy so he can play like a normal puppy.

Four Corner Equine Rescue
Aztec, New Mexico

In August of 2011, Stretch, a gelding Thoroughbred was rescued from a slaughter pen at a sale barn after two weeks of negotiations with the owner. Stretch was extremely emaciated, and had a massive infection where the hide had been peeled off of his backbone from withers to hips. X-rays revealed at least 11 fractures in the vertebrae in his withers. With the support of a Second Chance Fund Grant from American Humane Association, Four Corners Equine Rescue was able to cover Stretch's medical treatment. Despite Stretch's extreme injuries he remained cooperative and easy to handle during medical treatments. While not pushy, Stretch will seek out human company. He's a "there" horse — you turn around and there he is! He loves to have his neck scratched and will position himself for just the right spot.


Lobo’s leg injuries went so long without treatment that he could no longer walk. We’re not sure what caused Lobo’s injuries, but his owner finally surrendered him to a shelter in Virginia. The 2-year-old little dog was in so much pain, but he still managed to wag his tail and look up at his rescuers with those wide, innocent eyes. With help from our Second Chance® Fund, Lobo received much-needed medical treatment. His surgery, rehab and water therapy cost thousands of dollars and took some time, but Lobo made a full recovery. Now, he gets around his foster home with his hindquarters resting on a special cart. No more pain for Lobo — but he’s still looking for an extra-loving home where he can get the special attention and care he needs.

New York
New York

Daisy suffered a fractured leg and shoulder at the hands of her abusive owner. A neighbor called the police after witnessing the beating, and an animal shelter in New York rescued her. At just 3 months old, Daisy had already experienced so much cruelty. When you look at the photo, you can almost see the pain on her face. With help from our Second Chance® Fund, Daisy received extensive surgery to reconstruct her broken limb. She had to remain immobile for nine weeks in order to heal properly. She’s now fully recovered and has bounced back from the pain and trauma. Daisy has a happy temperament in spite of the cruelty she experienced, and a loving family adopted her!

New York
New York

Slim, a 6-week-old kitten, was found in New York with both of his right-side legs broken. The bones were already beginning to heal crookedly. The little guy was in shock from pain. A kind neighbor brought Slim to the local animal shelter. He needed extensive surgery — a pin in one leg and a plate in the other. The surgery cost thousands of dollars. With help from our Second Chance® Fund, Slim got the treatment he needed — and a second chance at being adopted and loved. Slim was such a cute and rambunctious kitty that just before his surgery he tried to take a swim in his water bowl! Now fully recovered, Slim is a healthy, walking kitten. He’s been adopted and is living in a safe and secure home.


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