Here are some of the cases American Humane has funded:


Angel’s Gate Hospice & Rehabilitation Home for Animals
Delhi, New York

When 47 Chihuahuas were removed from an Alabama puppy mill in December 2008, many of them were adopted within days. However, 12 of the dogs were in such deplorable condition -- caused by a lifetime of neglect -- that they were unadoptable due to their serious physical handicaps and medical problems. All were flea, lice and worm infested and suffered from a combination of severe malnutrition, fractured limbs, extensive dental disease with no teeth and disintegrated jaws, blindness caused by eye ulcers and cataracts, and/or severe heart murmurs. The dozen little dogs were transported to Angel’s Gate Hospice & Rehabilitation Home for Animals in New York, where they were hospitalized and given emergency treatment, paid for in part by a Second Chance Grant from American Humane. Happily ensconced in their new home, the cherished Chihuahuas will receive the love, kindness and respect they deserve for the remainder of their days.

Triple H Miniature Horse Rescue
Bismarck, North Dakota

Penny, a miniature horse between 6 and 9 years old, had no hay and was forced to graze in a pasture covered with several feet of snow -- a challenge magnified by the fact that her hooves had never been trimmed in her entire life. The severely overgrown hooves, combined with multiple abscesses in her feet, made it nearly impossible for the tiny mare to walk. Fortunately, Penny and nine other miniature horses were taken in by Triple H Miniature Horse Rescue when their owner advertised them as unwanted. With assistance from the Second Chance Fund, Penny is receiving corrective trimmings, and the sweet, even-tempered little horse with a big spirit is expected to make a full recovery.

Humane Society of the Black Hills
Rapid City, South Dakota

Weak and almost lifeless with deep wounds to her face and right eye, De De -- a 7-year-old dachshund -- had been wrapped in a blanket and heartlessly tossed in a dumpster. Fortunately, the garbage truck driver on that particular route regularly checks the trash bins for fear of finding a human body or pet. On this day, his fears were realized, and after unwrapping the frail dog, he rushed her to the local animal shelter. There, all hearts and hands reached out to De De, who still craved human interaction despite her battered condition. Although it is not known whether her injuries were caused by another animal or by human abuse, a grant from the Second Chance Fund paid for the cleaning of her wounds, the removal of her ulcerated eye and the extraction of 22 teeth. Happily, De De has been adopted by the veterinary technician who fostered her during her recovery -- and who is also the “forever” mom to yet another lovable one-eyed dachshund.

Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region
Colorado Springs, Colorado

In mid-February 2009, 67 small-breed dogs were rescued from a puppy mill in southern Colorado, where poor living conditions and neglect converged to create an abundance of health and behavioral problems for the animals. The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region agreed to care for the influx of mostly female dogs and -- with the help of a Second Chance Fund Grant -- provide them with much-needed medical attention, including extensive dental work and deworming. Most of the dogs have since been sent to foster homes, adopted or transferred to a dog-mill rescue organization, where they will be shielded from additional hardship until they can find loving homes.

The Animal Welfare Society, Inc.
West Kennebunke, Maine

Showing clear signs of a lifetime of neglect, 5-year-old hound mix Stella was found as a stray in Indiana, where she was brought to the local humane society. Due to the stress of fending for herself, Stella had accumulated a long litany of medical issues: Lyme disease, buckshot wounds to her head and chest, severe dental decay, malnutrition, and whipworm and Giardia infestations among others. Thankfully, due to her sweet expression and shy, gentle personality, Stella was selected for relocation to The Animal Welfare Society in Maine through the Paws Across America program, which transfers highly desirable dogs and puppies from overpopulated areas. Stella has now completed treatment for a number of her maladies and is gaining weight and growing healthier day by day. Currently in foster care -- where she is taking walks, playing with toys and lounging on the couch -- Stella will soon be well enough to find a forever home filled with the love and attention she lived without for so long.


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