Here are some of the cases American Humane has funded:


Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue
Nashville, TN

Goldie was found on the side of the road in Dickson County, TN. She was scared and sick, and was suffering from heat exhaustion in the 100-degree weather. Luckily a gentleman found her and immediately brought her to Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue. She was suffering from congestive heart failure, a partially collapsed trachea, pyometra, gingivitis, malnutrition, and dehydration. Goldie had lived a life of neglect and is suspected to have been used as a breeder dog who was abandoned when she was no longer useful. Unfortunately, her owner was never found.

Portsmouth Humane Society
Portsmouth, NH

Wilbur lived in a home where he was beaten and choked into submission time and time again. He suffered blunt force trauma to the head as the result of being struck several times with the back end of a hammer. His wounds were so severe they required staples. His owner prematurely removed the staples from the unhealed wounds using household instruments. The repeated and severe choking he endured resulted in damage to his esophagus and later, pneumonia. Last summer he was seized from his home after the Portsmouth Police Department were called to the home to investigate an abuse call. When he first arrived at the Portsmouth Humane Society, he was broken and scared and unable to eat solid foods. Nearly two weeks later when he was a little stronger, he was taken to an emergency vet for more aggressive treatment. His vet bills exceed $1,200. Through American Humane Association's Second Chance Fund, YOU contributed to the care and future of Wilbur by donating much needed funds. Because of your support Wilbur now has a second chance.

UPDATE ON WILBUR: Wilbur is in his forever home and is doing great. The former owners were prosecuted and can NEVER own a dog again. If they break the court's decision they will go straight to jail.

Great Pyrenees Rescue of Montana
Lavina, MT

Lena was taken from her mom as a weanling and was tied up outside with a wire and left there for months. As she grew, the wire sawed through the tissue on her neck — leaving a three-inch deep wound around her neck. Once her owner realized what was happening he untied her, poured iodine on the wound and dropped her off at a shelter. Unfortunately, the shelter where she was dropped off had no vet on site and Lena did not receive immediate medical attention. She was malnourished and dehydrated and also had parasites, roundworm and giardia. Her neck wound was horribly infected and was not healing. After a massive outreach by the shelter where she was left — Lena spent a week at a vet in Utah and endured four hours of surgery to remove the infected tissue. Eventually Lena found herself at Great Pyrenees Rescue of Montana. Upon her arrival there she was diagnosed with a serious case of Parvo and spent another week at a vet. All of this and Lena was only five months old. Despite extreme pain starvation and loneliness, Leno remains sweet and loving. She is grateful for the love and care she receives and is joyful and very loving. The shelter was unable to glean the identity of the man, who did this horrific thing. Therefore, to our dismay, we were unable to make sure he was held accountable.

After Lena's terrible ordeal in 2011, she is doing well and living in a wonderful home with a caring family.

La Dolce Vita Animal Rescue Foundation
Calabasas, California

Dolce first came to the attention of his would-be rescuers when his photo was posted on the L.A. Animal Services Facebook page. This little Chihuahua and Pomeranian mix had a fractured jaw that had to be taped shut to keep it from hanging down. The photo of this helpless dog generated a lot of attention on Facebook and moved someone to notify the La Dolce Vita Animal Rescue Foundation. The foundation took Dolce in and had him immediately seen by a vet. He had been physically and emotionally neglected and had severe dental issues and a matted coat. His jaw was broken in two places and required surgery and pins to stabilize it while he healed. Dolce was extremely withdrawn and lacked any kind of emotion when he was first brought in. He wouldn’t make eye contact with anyone, but astonishingly, despite his abusive past he was neither fearful nor aggressive. It took some time and a lot of love and care, but eventually Dolce started to come out of his shell. The first time he wagged his tail, the rescuers were almost brought to tears. Today, Dolce is full of joy and he loves to play with other dogs and to cuddle with people. He has a huge heart despite his small size. American Humane Association's Second Chance® Fund contributed to Dolce's care and future by donating much needed funds. After all he’s been through, doesn’t Dolce deserve a second chance for “a sweet life”?

Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary
Ravenna, Ohio

Io Sono Libero (Italian for I am Free), was the victim of severe neglect. Tied to a tree for 18 months, he had been the victim of several brutal dog attacks that damaged his left eye and chest. Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary received a phone call about his horrendous condition and immediately took action. He was removed by local humane officers after a vet inspection and Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary took him in. The little horse got loving care from a vet and an eye specialist. He was extremely brave throughout the treatments. American Humane Association’s Second Chance Fund contributed to Io Sono Libero’s care and future by donating much needed funds. Io Sono Libero’s prior owners were found guilty of animal abuse and are not permitted to own horses or farm animals for the next five years.

Io Sono Libero is doing wonderfully and is full of energy! The anxious, frightened, nervous little pony is now full of love and energy. He gets along famously with all the other rescued horses at Happy Trails. He is now able to blink his left eye without pain and his shoulder has healed completely. His coat has grown in thick and healthy. His hip bones and ribs are no longer visible thanks to the weight he has gained back. He still lives at Happy Trails, simply waiting for that right person to step up and want to adopt him!


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