Joplin Tornado Emergency Deployment

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JoplinOn May 22, a massive tornado ripped through Joplin, Mo., destroying homes and taking lives. Just back from an intense deployment to Memphis, our Red Star Animal Emergency Services™ team deployed to Joplin within days of the disaster to help shelter hundreds of desperate animal victims and to provide much-needed relief to the brave Joplin Humane Society staff, many of whom are experiencing devastating personal loss.

UPDATE 6/1/11: Our Red Star team continues to provide support for the sheltering of hundreds of rescued and displaced animals. As of May 31, nearly 800 animals have been taken in at the Joplin Humane Society and emergency animal shelter, and approximately 250 animals have been reunited with their owners.

 Get final facts and stats on animals protected during this Red Star deployment.

JOPLIN JOURNAL: Check out the photos below for ongoing updates from the field.



In partnership with the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and at the request of the Jasper County Emergency Management Agency, we have deployed 13 staff and volunteers, as well as our 16-wheel, 82-foot Rescue Rig.

Our thoughts are with all of the victims, both human and animal, who are suffering in Joplin.

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