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Protecting Animals Journal

Protecting Animals is American Humane Association's quarterly publication written and produced to help animal welfare agencies -- and the professionals who work there -- be the best they can be. This information-packed journal contains must-read articles on timely topics of concern to shelters, rescue groups and animal care and control agencies. 


Protecting Animals Summer 2010

Download the entire Adopt-A-Cat Month® double issue.

In this special “cats-only” issue:

  • Creature Comforts: New Directions in Cat Housing and Enrichment
  • Foster Care: A Critical Link Between Shelters and Forever Homes
  • Creative Cat-Marketing Ideas

Protecting Animals Spring 2010

Download the Shelter Spotlight article on Lollypop Farm.

Also in this issue:

  • Rescues: Legitimate Lifesavers or For-Profit Pretenders?
  • Hot Topics in Adoption (adopting out FeLV- and FIV-positive cats)
  • Taking the Bite Out of Shelter Animals: A Bite-Prevention Guide

Protecting Animals Winter 2009

Download the Shelter Spotlight article on the Nashville Humane Association.

Also in this issue:

  • Hot Topics in Intake (surrender fees)
  • Pet-Retention Programs: Are They Keeping Animals and People Together?
  • Pound Seizure: No Cat or Dog Is Safe
  • Two Trainings That Changed a Shelter

Protecting Animals Fall 2009

Download the Shelter Spotlight article on Dodge County Humane Society.

Also in this issue:

  • Hot Topics in Adoption (landlord checks, adopting cats to owners who declaw, adopting dogs with bite histories)
  • Clever Cat-Marketing Concepts
  • Guide to Online Fundraising for Animal Shelters

Protecting Animals Summer 2009

Download the Shelter Spotlight article on SPCA Cincinnati.

Also in this issue:

  • Hot Topics in Adoption (adopting intact animals, variable adoption fees, adopting outdoor cats)
  • Collaborative Partnerships and Mergers Helping Shelters Survive
  • CAWA: Four Letters That Could Spell Career Success

Protecting Animals Spring 2009

Check out the Responder Spotlight. Also in this issue:
  • Recession-Proof Your Shelter’s Marketing and Public Relations
  • Now Accepting Rabbits: What Your Shelter Needs to Know
  • Reducing Surrenders at Your Shelter

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