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Funding through American Humane Association provided me with an excellent opportunity to participate in a research project this past summer. This funding allowed us to start a project of tracking trends in dog ownership, health and veterinary care, an area that is difficult to research and not commonly done. Being able to participate in this project enabled me to develop working relationships with CSU students and introduced to me a clinician who has become a mentor during the project and afterwards.
– Melody Cerra

I thank [American Humane Association] for their support of this project. I enjoyed the experience of one-on-one collaboration with our student, Martha MaloneyHuss, as she learned essential information concerning inherited diseases known to occur in dogs and cats. It was satisfying to observe her rapid progress in identifying the information that was essential to each summary. The information we have submitted to the OMIA database, which covered over 50 inherited diseases of dogs and cats, will be beneficial to veterinarians as they approach diagnosis and treatment of these diseases. As this database is also a public resource, I am pleased that veterinary students, owners and breeders, could use this information as we work together to improve animal health.
– Vicki Meyers-Wallen

I really enjoyed working with Dr. Meyers-Wallen this past summer. It was an excellent opportunity for me to learn about canine and feline genetic diseases while contributing to a helpful resource for practitioners. I particularly enjoyed the challenge of distilling information into a concise and accessible summary. It really taught me about the importance of considering the genetic basis of disease!
– Martha MaloneyHuss

I am most appreciative of the support that American Humane [Association] secured for Rochelle Prudic, a student in our Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Class of 2013. During the past two years I mentored Rochelle as she worked on the ADOPT Initiative. This project's primary objective is to provide shelter staff with additional knowledge about the main issues that lead to the return of animals to the shelter. As a result of this training, the staff is better prepared to handle questions from adopters and will be more supportive of their needs. This leads to a reduction in the number of adopted animals that are taken back to the shelter. As a mentor it was nice to see Rochelle and the project mature and grow. We have now enrolled the assistance of other students who became interested in the project and with their help we are further developing the training material to make it more broadly available. Advising Rochelle on this project while having an opportunity to help give a second chance to adopted animals has been certainly rewarding.
– Jose M Peralta

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