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Innovative research for the animals in our lives

Through the Humane Scholars Program, selected veterinary students develop and disseminate solutions-driven science that has a direct impact on the health and welfare of companion animals. Students participate in 8-12-week scientific research projects and are matched with leading academic and scientific faculty mentors who will oversee their research, providing a unique opportunity to contribute to scientific research benefiting animals.

2013 Humane Scholars

2012 Humane Scholars

2011 Humane Scholars


Colorado State University: Understanding Trends in Dog Ownership to Save Dog Lives 

Colorado State University Students

Humane Scholar: Melody Cerra & Christina Collins
Faculty Mentor: Rebecca Ruch-Gallie, DVM, MS
Two students at Colorado State University, working with a researcher in shelter medicine, studied recent trends in the source and type of dogs. They evaluated several databases and monitored Craigslist. As states increase regulations of commercial pet breeders, potential owners may find themselves seeking other sources for acquiring a pet.
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Cornell University: Genetic Testing for Dogs and Cats


Humane Scholar: Martha MaloneyHuss
Faculty Mentor: Vicki N. Meyers-Wallen, VMD, PhD, Dipl. ACT
A student at Cornell, mentored by one of the University's renowned genetics researchers, has identified 30 new genetic tests for dogs and cats. These new tests were then added to an international registry that is used by veterinarians and scientists worldwide.

Western University: Creating Tools That Reduce Animal Returns at Shelters


Humane Scholar: Rochelle Prudic
Faculty Mentor: Jose M Peralta, DVM, MSc, PhD
A Western student is currently looking at intervention strategies to keep pets in homes following adoption. The student has new pet owners return to the shelter one month following adoption to join a support group, celebrating their new pet and also sharing stories about the challenges of their family's new addition.
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