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The following steps outline how to earn American Humane Association's End Credit Disclaimer “No Animals Were Harmed”®. Certified Animal Safety Representatives™ oversee animal action on the set, enforcing American Humane Association’s Guidelines for the Safe Use of Animals in Filmed Media and intervening on behalf of animal actors when necessary. Following these steps does not guarantee your production will receive American Humane's End Credit Disclaimer or sign-off letter. However, not following these steps may jeopardize your production’s chances of achieving this important status.

Remember, American Humane Association's services are free for SAG and AFTRA domestic productions filming in the United States. However, American Humane Association asks that all productions (including non-union and international productions) that use animals register with American Humane Association before shooting.

1. Notify American Humane Association's Film & TV Unit before filming begins

Call American Humane Association at (818) 501-0123 if your production is using ANY animals. Remember, American Humane Association's Guidelines protect all animals whether they are supplied by a professional trainer, historic re-enactor, props department, extra, or crew member. When leaving a message, state your name, the production title, and a phone number.

2. Complete your production information

Complete and submit the Production Web Form.  If you cannot access or print the online form, contact American Humane Association to have a form faxed to you.

3. Send materials to American Humane Association

Required materials are:

  • Full scripts
  • Crew lists
  • Full shooting schedules
  • One-line schedules/shot lists
  • Storyboards (for commercials, music videos, and still shoots)
  • Animal/Livestock Day-out-of-Days (if your production uses them)

Don’t forget to send revisions!

4. Keep American Humane Association in the loop during production

To keep American Humane Association in the loop, simply include American Humane Association on the production’s daily call sheet fax batch. Maps and/or directions to location shoots are also required. American Humane Association must receive call sheets for all days when animals are present on set. Every effort will be made to assign an American Humane Association Animal Safety Representative to monitor your production.

5. Read and distribute the Guidelines

Download, read, print, and distribute the Guidelines for the Safe Use of Animals in Filmed Media to all cast and crew members who are involved in scenes with animals, including prop masters, explosive experts, and stunt coordinators. Call American Humane at (818) 501-0123 with any questions or concerns and to discuss the animal action. These Guidelines are a valuable tool; however, only an American Humane Animal Safety Representative present on the set can properly enforce the Guidelines and ensure that production is in compliance.

Safety of animal actors = safety for everyone on set.

6. Obtain all permits and waivers

Ensure that all the animals working in your production have all necessary federal, state, and local permits as well as any other licenses that may be required by law.

7. See it through

If you are producing a film or television program, once you have a locked picture, call American Humane Association to verify that your production is eligible for the End Credit Disclaimer and to arrange a screening. If you are producing a commercial/promo or other media, call American Humane Association to see if your production qualifies for a sign-off letter.

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