National Fire Dog Memorial

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American Humane Association is working to bring the first to the nation's capital

National Fire Dog Monument

And YOU can help us realize this dream!

The National Fire Dog Monument (NDFM) was created by Jerry Means, owner of the 2011 American Humane Associations Hero Dog Awards finalist, Sadie. The bronze statue was sculpted by a Denver area firefighter and serves to acknowledge the incredible, heroic work of Certified Accelerant-Detection K-9s (Arson Dogs) everywhere.

Each year billions of dollars worth of property damage and hundreds of lives are lost to arson. Arson Dogs help fight those crimes.

Did you know?

  • Arson Dogs have been trained to sniff out minute traces of accelerants
  • Arson Dogs go through extensive training to become certified
  • Arson Dogs spend all of their time with their handlers — making them part of the family
  • Arson dogs provide community outreach programs and educational seminars on fire prevention and safety

Support the National Fire Dog Monument, help heroic arson dogs like Sadie and help protect kids and animals everywhere.

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