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Animal Planet’s R.O.A.R. Program Donates $25,000 to American Humane’s Second Chance® Fund to Help Abused Animals

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Animal Planet’s R.O.A.R. (Reach Out. Act. Respond.) advocacy program has donated $25,000 to benefit the American Humane Association’s Second Chance® Fund, which distributes grants to help give abused or neglected animals a second chance at life. This important donation also honored American Humane’s 95th anniversary of Be Kind to Animals Week™ (observed May 2-8 this year) by building awareness of the vital issues surrounding kindness to animals. Proceeds from select Animal Planet products will raise $200,000 in 2010 to directly benefit American Humane and other R.O.A.R. partner initiatives.

“So far, we have been able to help more than 350 animals get a second chance at life because of the donation from R.O.A.R.,” said Debrah Schnackenberg, vice president of Animal Programs for American Humane. “Our Second Chance Fund helps offset medical costs for animal shelters and rescue groups around the country so they can treat homeless animals that have suffered severe abuse and neglect, nurse them back to health, and ultimately find them new, loving homes.”

“The Animal Planet licensing program is proud to play such an integral role in the fight to save and benefit these animals,” said Elizabeth Bakacs, vice president, Licensing, Animal Planet.  "By purchasing Animal Planet branded items, our fans can not only own a bit of the network they have come to love, but they are also contributing to important programs like the Second Chance Fund."

Meet some Animals Helped by R.O.A.R.’s Donation:

Golden, Colo.
Molly, a 1-year-old Lab, had been hit by a car, then left in her owner’s backyard with a dislocated hip for months.  A good Samaritan noticed Molly’s pain and outdoor living conditions and contacted the owners, who confirmed that they were not interested in taking Molly to the vet and didn’t want her anymore. A local Lab rescue took Molly and provided her with the very expensive surgery she needed. Today, she’s in her foster home and slowly recovering from her medical procedure.

Goliath and Sassy
Lebanon, Ore.
Goliath and Sassy are two of 31 neglected horses seized from a farm in Oregon. Goliath, a three-legged thoroughbred had critical hoof and right hind hip injury. The rescue group got him immediate veterinary attention, and several volunteers helped out, cleaning and caring for his foot. Sassy, a miniature horse, is recovering nicely after being found with a dirty shaggy long coat and stomach filled with parasites.

Gulfport, Miss.
George is a dog that lived with more than 300 other animals at a local so-called “rescue” facility, in the most inhumane conditions.  There was no running water, no covered shelters, and the animals had been living on a dirt pit for several years.  George had severe mange, leaving him with no hair on his body and blisters on his feet.  Fortunately for George, the director of the rescue facility had been arrested, and the local humane society had taken over. George was taken into a loving foster home as he neared the end of his medical treatment.

Spring Valley, Wis.
Dude, a 17-year-old paint stallion, was removed from a hoarding situation, unable to stand up. He was emaciated and dehydrated, his feet were deformed from standing on cement and his jaw was fractured in several places, leading rescuers to believe he was physically abused. His jaw had to be rebuilt and implanted with beads of antibiotics.  Today, Dude is completely healed and waiting to be adopted.

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