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American Humane Association issues stern response to undercover video of farm animal abuse

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The American Humane Association expressed outrage over shocking video footage released today by animal advocacy group Mercy For Animals that allegedly shows farm workers subjecting cows and young calves to viciously horrible abuse. The group stated that the video was captured on hidden camera at Conklin Dairy Farms in Plain City, Ohio.

Statement from the American Humane Association:

“The abhorrent treatment of the animals shown in the video is criminal.  The people and companies or organizations that are in any way responsible for these atrocities must be immediately identified and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. 

Anything less than an aggressive response to this kind of sadistic brutality threatens the integrity of America’s entire agriculture system and sincere efforts by the vast majority of farmers to ensure that animals in our nation’s food supply chain are treated humanely.

The American Humane Association supported the creation of Ohio’s Livestock Care Standards Board because we believe it will improve farm animal welfare in a state that has become an epicenter in the debate about what constitutes humane conditions and handling.  We have committed our knowledge and expertise as a resource to the board.  We also continue to work with some of the state’s largest producers who have met the science-based standards of American Humane Certified, the nation’s largest and most respected third-party independent animal welfare certification program. 

What we see on those horrifying video clips transcends the emotional, polarizing debates about ethics, economics and public policy.  No reasonable person, regardless of where they stand, can accept the abject cruelty so wantonly put upon those helpless creatures.  On this matter we must stand united.

And we must begin with a resounding, unequivocal refusal to let such cruelty happen at any farm, large or small.”

About American Humane Association

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